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The Guilt Free Gourmet

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“I engaged Curious Design after unsuccessful preliminary meetings with two leading branding agencies left me with enormous quotes and no feeling that my vision was shared or even understood.

Although I knew in my head exactly what my brand was about and how I wanted it to look, it became oddly vague when I tried to explain it. But Rachel and Marie got it. It was wonderful when initially explaining what my ideas were to have them so instantly recognised and endorsed.

There were relatively few changes from the initial drawings and concepts which Curious Design supplied with the exception of the wonderful advantage of a fresh outlook and some creative and pertinent suggestions.  Curious delivered with a professional, efficient and creative service, and the whole process was remarkably swift.”

Aoife McCann, The Guilt Free Gourmet

The Guilt Free Gourmet is a food company offering a range of delicious healthy meals.

Aoife came to us looking for eye-catching fun feminine branding to help make their healthy meals feel decadent.

We created a logo featuring the glamorous Guilt Free Gourmet character to appeal to Aoife’s target audience.

We also developed social media branding and signage for the Guilt Free Gourmet food stall.