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Dislike Comedy Poster

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“Dislike is a stand up comedy show about crisis, told through the medium of facebook. Curious created a unique identity for the show while also referencing the social media site.

The “dislike” hands were fantastic props both in the printed material and on the streets of Edinburgh during the festival.

The flyers and posters were also invaluable tools for promoting the show. With so many performances competing for audiences an eye catching poster can make a huge difference.”

Colm O’Regan, Comedian

We worked with comedian Colm O’Regan to develop a visual identity for his Edinburgh Festival show “Dislike”.

We designed a “dislike” hand which was used as a prop while promoting the show on the streets of Edinburgh and also during the photo shoot which we art-directed.

We also designed flyers and posters to advertise the show during the festival.